Stand up - for a better view!

The Ultimate Dolphin Adventure

This is the supreme Stand Up experience. We pick the most perfect day when the water is flat as glass. We charter the boat, we bring boards, paddles, snacks and a high definition camera. Our objective is to get you paddling with the dolphins on film: a treasure for a lifetime! And we guarantee to get you on the dolphins.

Ultimate Dolphin Adventure

$150 Per Person (Price May Vary)

Non-members may attend but cannot participate on the water.

The Ultimate Dolphin Adventure Video Clips

The Ultimate Dolphin Adventure Photos

If you want to be on the water on The Ultimate Dolphin Adventure, you must be certified at Level Two or validated as an experienced & equivalent paddler.

Level Two Members (and other validated paddlers) can sign up to be on the "Notify me about the dolphin run!" list for dates and prices. When we see the weather conditions developing for that perfect day, notification will be by email and the trips will be on a first come first served sign up basis.

All participants must know how to swim and be in good physical condition. California Aquatics does not discriminate on the basis of disability.